“Un Cappuccino, Mamma Gatta?”

Mamma Gatta after latte

Mamma Gatta (Mama Cat) was the first friend I made when we bought our home in Italy six years ago. I was sitting on the edge of our then crumbling terrace, surveying our then jungle of a garden, when I felt a nudge at my side. And there she was. At the time I didn’t know if she was a “he” or a “she”, but we were instant friends regardless, and I don’t think she minded that I called her Orange Cat. It would be some weeks before I would know her real name, Mamma Gatta, and that she was sneaking over from our neighbor’s house to visit.

Since then Mamma Gatta and I have spent many an evening together surveying the garden, (thank goodness, the garden is no longer a jungle and the terrace is no longer crumbling) and she often appears first thing in the early morning when I open our sportellone to take in the day. Those morning visits usually include a saucer of latte or maybe a little foam from my cappuccino.

Mamma Gatta appreciates good, frothy foam. I, of course, appreciate the entire cappuccino, because nothing, but nothing, says “Italy” like a cup of cappuccino. That is other than vino, pasta, truffles, cheese, olive oil …

About Cappuccino:

  • The proper cappuccino is 1/3 expresso, 1/3 milk and 1/3 froth (Which somehow Italian bariste blend together perfectly with their effortless spin and pour technique)
  • Cappuccino is a morning drink only … after 10:00am it’s espresso only
  • The word cappuccino means literally “little hood”

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