The simple truth about bruschetta, pronounced bru-sketta (click here to hear it)  is that it’s fabulously simple to make. However, the ingredients should be the very best you can get your hands on, and the method is specific. (The word bruschetta, by the way, comes from the word bruscare, in Italian Tuscan dialect, meaning “to toast” or “to burn”.)

So, that leads us to 4 simple ingredients and 4 simple steps to make a delectable bruschetta:


  1. slices of freshly baked crusty bread (from your own oven or a local bakery)
  2. high quality extra virgin olive oil
  3. a clove or 2 of garlic, peeled
  4. sea salt


  1. Toast the bread on one side only over the coals of a wood fire (You can do this on a gas grill, but the flavor won’t be the same.)
  2. Rub each slice of toasted bread with a bit of garlic clove.
  3. Drizzle with olive oil.
  4. Add a pinch of sea salt.

Serve the bruschetta with toppings if you’d like, such as fresh tomatoes, or enjoy “as is” with pecorino cheese and glass of vino. Buonissima!


pamela orancePamela Haack creates and hosts boutique-style small group tours, artists’ workshops and retreats that are a combination of the very best of Italy: the exciting and the peaceful, the popular and the secret, the talked about and the never-heard-of-before. From art experts and operettas to authentic cooking classes and ancient Etruscans, Pamela helps guests experience the spectacularly beautiful, endlessly interesting cities and countryside of Italy in an up-close and personal way – off the beaten strada.

Pamela is also the author of Top 10 Favorite Etruscan Sites. She lives with her husband, Lou, in Umbria, Italy.


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  1. I’ve never read a recipe that called for you to toast one side only … I always do both because I assumed that was expected… interesting.

  2. I could never say no to this! Simple and delicious.

  3. This looks delicious. I have to try this recipe.

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