Vie Cave … Cave Avenues of Pitigliano

The first time I laid eyes on the vie cave found just outsidethe ancient town of Pitigliano, it took my breath away. These carved roads that wind steeply through dense forests in this part of Tuscany are both mysterious and spectacular.

Most certainly Etruscan in origin (probably used for funeral ceremonies) some of the vie cave (cave avenues) are as deep as 20 meters and are many kilometers in length. Others are shorter and more accessible for light hiking. Most have interesting channels carved along the center and/or sides – perhaps for water run-off.

To visit the vie cave, we advise that you head straight into the historic center of Pitigliano to the tourist information office (located in the main piazza, just through the arched entrance to town), where you’ll find lots of free information, including excellent maps showing several vie cave hiking routes.

Good trekking shoes are a must, as well as water and snacks. The routes can be very steep and long, and easy to underestimate when you’re glancing at a small map. So plan on at least a half-day (better yet a full day) for exploring the beautiful vie cave of Pitigliano!

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