Chiacchierare (To Chat)

Chatting is one of the best things about going on vacation, don’t you think? There’s nothing like gathering together at the end of a full day of sightseeing to relive favorite moments and to have a few good laughs – or a lot of good laughs!

The Italian word “to chat” is chiacchierare. (Click here to listen to the word on Google translate.) It’s one of my favorite Italian words, and also one of the most difficult to learn to pronounce!


Recently I hosted a FABULOUS group of women travelers from the northern U.S. here in central Italy. Our week together, traveling around Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, was a winner from start to finish, and each busy day (or not-so-busy day) included at least an hour to chat – chiacchierare – before dinner.

One of our favorite places for chiacchierare was in a gathering room at our villa accommodations that was dubbed “the green room” – only because of the green table clothes! And on the very last evening we invited my husband and one of our fantastic drivers to join us.

Of course our chiacchierare time usually included vino and something to nibble on (pecorino cheese is always a good choice!), but most importantly it was a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

To be honest, most people pack way to much into their Italy vacations, and never even consider including time for chiacchierare. Fortunately, the Traveling Ewes (the name that this wonderful group of women travelers gave themselves!), embraced our time for chiacchierare with gusto and even tackled the challenge of pronouncing the word! Now that’s impressive!

Here’s to the fantastic Traveling Ewes!!! 🙂


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