Less Traveled Roads of Rural Italy

strada 1

I love dirt roads. There’s something about them that has always intrigued me.

When I was a child, we spent long summers at our cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin. There were plenty of dirt roads all around us there, and I remember the wonderful mystery of exploring them – wondering what we’d discover around the next bend.


Nowadays, living in rural Italy, I’m grateful to be surrounded by a never-ending supply of winding dirt roads.

Some lead to stone farmhouses or ancient hamlets, others snake through vineyards or forests, and others just keep going … to who knows where. And, since dirt roads tend to be infrequently traveled, it’s not unusual to meander along without seeing another soul.

vineyard strada

Of course there are those gorgeous panoramas along the way, plus the journey along a dirt road is peaceful (and good for the soul) but for me the intrigue of what I’ll discover over that hill, under that bridge or around the next bend is irresistible.

Winding dirt roads … they’re on the top of my list of favorite things.



Pamela Haack
Pamela Haack

Pamela Haack is the founder of Off the Beaten Strada, where she creates and hosts small group tours that are a combination of the very best of Italy: the exciting and the peaceful, the popular and the secret, the talked about and the never-heard-of-before. From art experts and operettas to authentic cooking classes and ancient Etruscans, Pamela helps visitors experience the spectacularly beautiful, endlessly interesting cities and countryside of Italy in an up-close and personal way.

She is also the author of Top 10 Favorite Etruscan Sites, as well as her popular blog, Off the Beaten Strada in Italy.

Pamela lives with her husband, Lou, in Umbria, Italy.

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