Along the Border of Tuscany and Umbria


Although I’ve traveled throughout Italy over the years, my heart is always drawn back to the central part of the boot. Specifically, to the area where Tuscany meets Umbria – roughly halfway between Rome and Florence.


It’s here that you find rolling green hills, sweeping valleys and poppy-dappled wheat fields flanked by olives groves and vineyards. It’s an area where agriculture meets wilderness, and the landscape changes as you turn your head. Castles, grazing sheep and soaring falcons can easily share the same glance.


It’s peaceful here. Yet countless hill towns – with their medieval castles, Etruscan caves and crumbling towers – are within just a few minutes drive (or walk). Stop by on market day and you’ll find a bustle of activity, plus plenty of cobbled avenues to explore. Of course local restaurants are easy to find too – the ultimate way to enjoy true regional Italian cooking.


Since Rome and Florence are an easy train ride or car ride from this green heart of Italy, it’s easy to arrange a day trip to see art-filled museums, majestic cathedrals and ancient Roman ruins – along with so many famous streets and piazze.


So it’s no mystery why we base our tours out of this part of Italy. In fact, we partner exclusively with a family owned and run agriturismo where our guests can experience Italian hospitality (and food!) at its best – all while being surrounded by the spectacular beauty of this region.


But we also understand that this particular kind of place isn’t for everyone. To enjoy this kind of stay in Italy you must also enjoy rooster-crowing mornings, dinners on a sweeping terrace and inky, starry nights. If that appeals to you, then we hope you’ll dive right in and thoroughly explore and experience this part of Italy.

Or you might even decide to join up with us for one of our small-group tours of a lifetime – off the beaten strada.




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