Tucked Away Tuscany

My home is in Umbria, Italy. Just barely.


A couple of kilometers away – to the northwest – lies Umbria’s border with Tuscany, and a few  kilometers further away – to the southwest – lies its border with Lazio.

One of my favorite drives in all of Italy is along the Tuscany/Umbria border – in particular between my home and the medieval town of Sarteano, on roads labeled SP21, SP321 and SP308.


It doesn’t matter which road you choose first, as all can be reached from different points just west of the A1 Autostrada. The route is elevated, and winds its way between Mount Cetona to the west and the Val di Chiana to the east.


And it’s like driving through a postcard.  Vast vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields sweep across the landscape, and views of distant Lago Trasimeno and so many medieval hill towns – Città della Pieve, Chiusi and Ficulle, to name a few – are breathtaking.


It’s an ideal route to meander in the evening, at the close of a slow, summer day, because the setting sun spreads a layer of gold across the fields, and illuminates the hill top villages and mountains in the distance.


The real treat of taking this route is that it’s tucked away in the southeastern reaches of Tuscany – a part of the region that few venture into, with lots of hamlets and villages that will likely never make it into a guide book. Isn’t that wonderful?!


This spectacular part of Tuscany is truly – thankfully – off the beaten strada.





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  1. Romina Arai-Muller 07/18/2016 — 11:52 am

    Dear Pamela,
    I’ve been property hunting in that area for a while now and couldn’t agree with you more – that part of Tuscany/Umbria is by far the most wonderful! The pictures you posted on your blog are particularly lovely: the 3rd from the end is a dream. Are you able to tell me more precisely what we are looking at there…?
    Many, many thanks,
    We love reading your posts!

    • Hi Romina, yes, it’s such a beautiful area, isn’t it? The particular photo that you’re referring to was taken next to a sunflower field near the villages of Palazzone and Piazze. Such beauty! Thank you, and good luck with your property hunting! 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos of the countryside. I have a friend who lives in that area, but in the corner of Lazio. Visiting that area feels more real than the very popular locales that are really so close, but in many ways so far.

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