Off the Beaten Strada

What’s in a name? In our case, a philosophy of travel.

In fact, “Off the beaten strada” is both a description of how we like to travel and a reflection of where one finds the real Italy, and I’m personally thrilled when our guests have the privilege of visiting amazing hidden places and meeting local Italians who welcome them like family! What a pleasure!

Experiencing la vendemmia

Olive groves and sheep farms, truffle experts and pastry chefs, antique wine cellars and ancient ruins … we’re continually discovering something or someone “new” that just has to be added to our tours. These insider experiences are the heart of our trips and, to be honest, it’s why I do what I do.

Meeting Doriana – and her truffles

Sometimes we end up … well … in the middle of nowhere, exploring an abandoned farmhouse, visiting a long-forgotten abbey (of course it’s essential to know who holds the key!) or climbing down into an ancient Etruscan cave. These oh-so-special (and sometimes impromptu) experiences are priceless – the stuff of vacation dreams.

Anna’s tiramisu lesson – not to be missed!

Actually, over the years I’ve noticed (and our guests continually tell us) that they appreciate not only seeing, but doing and learning. That’s why we do things, from rolling pasta to soaking in thermal waters to picking herbs.

Licking the bowl? Irresistible!

Life should be enjoyed to the fullest, don’t you think? And a big part of enjoying life – at least from my perspective, is to take journeys (not merely trips) and to be open to experiencing those precious, in-depth, heart-felt moments along the way. In particular, off the beaten strada.

Tasting Susanna Crociani’s excellent wine
Visiting a forgotten abbey
Lamberto’s antique papers and books
Frederica – and her smiling pecorino!
Cesare’s amazing copper workshop – and his wonderful hugs!

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